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Tri-State Kennel Club

Class Descriptions

Rescue dogs will receive first class 1/2 price listed. Be sure to bring rescue organization humane society documentation. You will not be able to use Pay Pal for this class. Please send check with your vaccine records, etc.


Rabies vaccines are mandatory and must be current. NO EXCEPTIONS. We are aware puppies enrolled in puppy class may not have all their vaccines. Please bring updates to your instructor as you get them.


Bring dogs to first night of class. All Classes are 7 weeks in length, unless otherwise noted on the Class Schedule page.


We teach you how to train and work with your dog. Your success in training is directly related to the work you put in to training your dog.




Puppy Headstart


This class is for puppies 8 to 20 weeks and is designed to help you get the best start training your new puppy. Not only will your puppy get training in good manners, you will learn about development, health, management, and problems that might arise. This the best time to replace unacceptable behaviors with better ones. Each night will involve training, socialization and fun, motivational exercises. Class is limited to 6 students and includes a training manual. Puppies readily absorb training and can learn so much at this age.


Puppies must be 10 days from the first core vaccine and must be in the owner's home at least 2 weeks before bringing it to class. This is for the health and safety of your dog. If your puppy is short on one of these criteria, please come to class without the dog so you can see and learn about beginning training.


Beginner Home Manners


This class is for dogs 20 weeks and older. For puppies who have been in Puppy Head Start this is a continuation of what your puppy has already learned and more. For dogs who have not had any training, we will assist you in teaching the dog the basic exercises such as walking on a leash politely, come, sit, down and stay. Dogs of all ages can learn the exercises with positive training. If you are wanting a well-mannered pet, this is the class for you. Your instructor can also show you how to overcome behaviors you don't like in your dog, such as jumping on people. On completion of this class, you and your dog are eligible to take the Canine Good Citizen Class, which will add new exercises and show you how to use the skills you and the dog have learned.


Canine Good Citizen


This class is for dogs that have completed the Beginner Home Manners class. In this class, you will be learning how to teach your dog to do what you ask and also how to use what you and the dog have learned in practical, everyday situations. You will also learn more about getting your dog to comply with commands readily and have more control with the dog. The Canine Good Citizen class is geared toward the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test. The CGC certificate also allows you to continue training in our other classes, such as Agility, Obedience, Rally or Pet Therapy and other classes that may be offered.





Foundations of Agility


Dogs should be at least six months old and have completed Beginner Home Manners and the Canine Good Citizen Dogs should have a good understanding of come, sit, down and stay. Handler should have good control on leash and will work toward good control off leash. Foundations focuses on developing a positive dog / handler relationship. Targeting, crosses and other handling skills will be introduced with, continuation of 'stay' and 'come' with increased distractions. The class will be held indoors, and will introduce working obstacles on the "flat" (at a lower level). The class will be held indoors and is limited to six dogs. Class is 7 weeks. No aggressive dogs.


Beginning Agility


Foundations of Agility is a prerequisite for this class. This class continues the of training of obstacles and handling moves learned in the Foundations class. Communication between handler and dog is emphasized. Dogs must be one year to 14 months for health and safety in jumping. Class will be held outdoors as much as possible. Limited to 8 dogs. No aggressive dogs. Class is 8 weeks


Intermediate Agility 


Sequencing of obstacles, distance handling and increased attention will be stressed. Limited to 8 Students. Class will be held outdoors as is possible. Beginning agility is required.





Attention Class


Attention class is the best place to start if you want to do well in Obedience, Rally or Agility. This class will help you teach your dog to focus on you and not distractions and help you gain better control. This class is 9 weeks and starts with stationery attention, attention at your side and later, moving attention. Handling techniques related to getting and keeping attention will also be introduced.


Pre Novice and Beginner Novice Class


This class will introduce the exercises of both these new AKC competition classes. They are quite different from the regular obedience classes and are a good place for beginners to start. Class is limited to 8. Canine Good Citizen class is required to take this class.


Handling Class


This class is a must for those who are serious about competing in obedience. In addition to learning AKC and UKC rules for the classes, you will be taught how you can handle your dog properly in the ring to avoid loss of points off your score. You will learn ring etiquette, how to enter, foot work, how to prepare for showing your dog, how to polish your team's performance and gain confidence in your ability. Canine Good Citizen class is required to take this class.



Novice Competition Class


Whether you want more control of your pet, or are interested in competing in obedience, this is a good class to take. The class will include some handling, foot work, beginning off leash work, training in all the Novice exercises, and information to help you get ready for exhibiting. Canine Good Citizen class is required to take this class.


Open and Utility Competition Class


This class is for those who want to show in the more advanced AKC and UKC Classes. You will learn how to do all the exercises for both classes, including out of sight stays, retrieves, the broad jump, scent discrimination, directed jumping, directed retrieve and several others. These classes may seem a little scary, but our instructors are able to teach every exercise in a way you and your dog will understand. These advanced classes are enjoyable for both handler and dog!


Rally Obedience Novice Class


AKC’s newest sport is fun for dogs!! It’s not traditional obedience and it’s not traditional agility. It’s something in between the two. In Rally obedience, the dog and handler team navigate a course and must perform various obedience exercises as indicated at the different stations on the course. To enter this class, you will need to have passed Canine Good Citizen. This class is for anyone wanting to further their obedience and handling skills to go on to compete or just to have fun while learning new skills. This class is 6 weeks.


Rally Obedience Advanced/Excellent Class


This class is for anyone who took the Rally Obedience Novice Class and would like to further their obedience training and handling. In this class, we move to off leash handling. This class is for you if you want to compete in Rally or just have fun learning additional obedience skills! This class is 6 weeks. Requires Canine Good Citizen to enroll.


Therapy Dog


One of our most popular classes is the training for doing pet therapy in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and libraries, to name a few. This class will help you and your dog get ready for this volunteer work, Beginner Home Manners and the Canine Good Citizen classes are recommended for this class. We will help you with training, how to understand your dog, and how to deal with staff and patients. At the end of the class, you will have opportunity to test with Alliance of Therapy Dogs and will also have 3 subsequent observations at a facility designated by the Tester/Observer. If you and your dog pass the tests and observations you will be able to register as a team with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Find more information about their requirements at Please note that this is not a “service dog” certification.